Robert Paul Bennett

I gave my son only furniture but he stole over a $100,000 from my estate and grandchildren. I will NOT rest until he is held accountable.

On May 28, 2013 this thief admitted his theft: “…I also agreed to make the annuities that were mine–HIS?– to become part of my mothers estate of which I would maintain a certain percentage-HOW ABOUT JUST FURNITURE? and the rest would go to my children, grandchildren, Niece and Nephew in certain amounts depending on the child involved”.
Legal fee’s have been determined and of the $200,000 recovered by the Attorney’s Paul Bennett gutted over $100,000 from my beneficiaries!

(234) 252-9071 is the cell number used by Robert Paul Bennett!
OH, from his own mouth on comments:
Bob Paul Bennett• a year ago
One other thing John–I’m a Vietnam Veteran as well as my brother and deceased Father also served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. My Nephew Aaron (20 Years Old) was killed in Afghanistan on July 4, 2009 defending freedom not just for us but for every human being that wants to live free. That’s what we are about and you can’t relate that to money!!!!
REALLY? A ‘Nam Vet?

JULY 1st, 2014

This week on July 4 is the reminder that AARON FAIRBAIRN gave his life for his country. It is also a reminder that this warped pathetic POS never even send a card or called when MY SON Aaron died yet this mother abuser claims a loving relationship with Aaron. Just this alone is a snapshot of how diabolical someone can be. The vileness of comments as to my son “hating my guts” is so low that and despicable that to even comment is causing the vomit to start coming out. I love and loved my son beyond explanation and my son loved and loves me. From someone who is so vile in his own life to say these things and have them published by another who is as bad–who claims a love for Aaron– will come back at both of them harder than they can imagine. MY wait will be worth it. The justice will be the sweetest part of all. I will never relent.

May 2nd, 2014
Almost a year ago BOB BENNETT, known as PAUL BENNETT, admitted his conversion attempts of Annuities from his mother’s Estate. Finally the Police are looking at this!!
April 20, 2014

Easter and my mother and stepfather are alone in a desolate place with not ONE visit from the “devoted Son” or his offspring ADAM–who BTW went to Washington to assist removing the remains of a person he never knew. But he spends a share of what was left from his father’s rip off of her estate and his own brother and sister AND relatives! Sad.

APRIL 4, 2014

Mother Abuser and thief sinks to new lows as his son is now calling the owner of this site with crank calls from restricted phone numbers–which are not restricted but has been monitored by Verizon Security and Additionally, as this writer answers calls, ROBERT PAUL BENNETT aka BOB BENNETT (PAUL) @ Facebook, more than likely surprised by an answer, utter “YOUR DEAD”. This recorded call as well as “YOUR GOING DOWN” call(s) are now in the hands of local Law Enforcement and we will see who is “Going Down”.
Again, ROBERT Paul Bennett, when this writer discovered the attempt by BOB Bennett to divert his mother’s estate to himself, tries–through another scammer like him named DAVID M. MASTERS–to shift focus and attention away by pointing fingers at innocent people who only tried to stop him/them from further rip offs and flagrant lies and distortions. Seems they are the only one who believe their own psychopathy other than one of the children–ADAM BENNETT–who got ripped off by his own father. We know where he is headed and it isn’t as an Officer in any Military in this country unless it is Jail Boot Camp!! Masters is really a harmless and toothless whacko but Robert Bennett drove his own Mother into an early grave in order to manipulate her estate yet he is as toothless and hides behind NOT so restricted phone calls and idle threats. He has done this to Attorney’s and Care Givers. It’s coming around and the fingers are slowly but surely pointing back to him. The USS Saratoga Association; Attorney Richard Burke, Mt. Cashel, an Ex-wife, the son he sold out to avoid child support–they all know this sick person for what he is. And what he isn’t!!
MARCH 25, 2014

In response to a comment made by this Mother Abuser about the STEVE WILCOS Show. This absolutely whacked out megalomaniacal moron actually believed he convinced a professional interviewer at the show that he is an innocent victim of an attack by the owner of this site. Yes, falsely blaming him for the behavior listed below. All of which, by the way, is documented with court records and filings. He was milked for information like a cow at the hands of a dairyman and he made statements so preposterous that people are shaking their heads in amazement. Of course when you state that you moved a US Naval Battle Carrier 17,000 miles IN TWO DAYS and ” have the papers from the Navy to prove it” among other simply outrageous comments as listed in this narrative: of course you are totally believable! LOL!!
AND, of course when one aligns with another like delusional sort as DAVE MASTERS–me and Dave–aka 30 plus other delusions as Nats Revilo–oh that is Stan Oliver as in Oliver and Hardy spelled backwards–of course everything they say is absolutely 100% bona fide take it to the bank!!! Ready to puke yet? Well read the below again. Just answering a few questions for those who are still guffawing at the crap he /they spew from their pie-traps!! AS my mother-whose soul is definitely NOT at rest because of Robert Bennett, the Good Son– never expect more than a GRUNT from the mouth of a pig…PIGS!!
MARCH 21, 2014


As the article states, settlement amounts have been determined and the lowest amount to be settled is $5000.00 dollars. That might be considered low to some, but ROBERT PAUL BENNETT, aka BOB BENNETT, aka PAUL BENNETT GOT SOMETHING for his FRAUD perpetrated against the true victims of abuse in the Mount Cashel matter. “BEAT NEARLY HALF TO DEATH” BY Brother Thomas Ford did not happen as I believe the Settlement Judge determined and the $5000.00 amount went to ROBERT PAUL BENNETT was only meted out to save further litigation costs in this matter. THIS is EXACTLY what happened in settling the estate of his own mother. He gutted the Estate of approximately $100,000.00 in legal fee’s to include $45,000.00 to himself. Had the attorney’s not settled, ROBERT PAUL BENNETT would have continued on until all was lost to the Beneficiaries. He had nothing to lose. His own children would have lost all, the other grandchildren would have lost their inheritance, but not BOB BENNETT. He had nothing to lose as the only inheritance for him was furniture and $1.00. Oh he did scam close to $50,000.00 the years before his mother’s death by bullying her to the point of losing her will to live.And still bullied the estate and Attorneys to the point that they punted so the estate would have something to give the beneficiaries.One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see through him and the scum he is. He, and his cohort DAVID MASTERS, still believe that trying to shame others somehow mitigate their own sick behavior. In the near future, now that he can’t sway any settlement amounts, more documents will be released with Affidavits to show how BOB BENNETT carried out his reprehensible acts on his own mother AND Mt. Cashel. We held these documents in case they would cause more litigation against an already over litigated case. Over litigated only because BOB BENNETT caused it. As Detective Cory Kidwell of Louisville Police stated–Dead Victim in a civil matter–DEAD CASE!! But it’s far from over PAUL BENNETT.

FEBRUARY 21, 2014

The Catholic Archdiocese of Saint John’s now investigating ROBERT PAUL BENNETT and his false claim of abuse while at Mt. Cashel Orphanage.

JANUARY 21, 2014


DECEMBER 31, 2013

ROBERT PAUL BENNETT is easily a candidate of the year for the most despicable person in Ohio. This worm set out to destroy his own mother and then her estate. He actually took a default judgement against his OWN CHILDREN in order to perpetrate something so unconscionable as to gut over half of his mothers estate in legal fee’s and costs at the expense of his very own children as well as her other Grandchildren. This lowlife took $45,000.00 for himself and cost the estate another $55,000.00 in legal fee’s that cost the beneficiaries half of their inheritance. All done by a sick pathetic cockroach who is the lowest of all human forms. Worst than a rapist or a child abuser as this roach set out a formula to drive his own mother to her grave in order to convert her estate to himself. Screwed his own children as well as his own mother and then portrayed himself as a victim of abuse in Mt. Cashel Orphanage in order to scam/screw real victims from their just awards. Bottom line: those who see any value in this maggot is lacking in ethics and morals themselves as the truth is the truth as well as the facts. Yet, someday he has to face the spirit of the mother and stepfather he violated in ways beyond comprehension and understanding. Look at this picture and look into the eyes of pure evil.
DECEMBER 13, 2013

Please view Mr. Bennett’s arrest record immediately after the following post:( the one he denies) as well as the following links:

UPDATE December 4th, 2013 UPDATE

I, Richard Wayne Bennett, on 11/25/2013 –as well as having spoken to the show just minutes ago–contacted the Steve Wilkos NBC show to confront Robert Bennett about his abuse of his mother and her caretakers that eventually led to her death and Bennett’s attempt to swindle $200,000.00 from her estate as well as his attempt to defraud the abuse settlement in the Mt. Cashel Orphanage matter. He would also be asked to explain why he had his stepfather’s remains removed surreptitiously from his final resting place.(see below)

Additionally, David Masters has launched a site that is the voice of Robert Bennett’s vile accusations and repeated denials of his abuse and swindle. Masters–his most recent name–also published hundreds of pages that are as mostly unfounded and slanderous yet contains comments from Robert Bennett that are so preposterous that neither will contact the show to confront me. The following comment from Robert Bennett is from the most recent posting at that site:

“…Give you a last laugh?? Go on some radio show?? I’ll contact them and have them look you up on the internet and see just what a maggot you are as many many others have done!!! You fool no one but yourself in your fantasy world!!!” ( Nobody seems to know who the “others” are)


“…See scumbag, the more you try to slander me or Dave the more people have come to realize what a Psychopath and Pathological liar you are. ” ( WOW, slander who? These two? Lol )

**This is a show that has MILLIONS of viewers live as well as on repeats!! Again Bennett points to alleged behavior of others as if this will make his go away)

Well, as indicated I contacted the Television show and needless to say I provided them all of my history as well as this website. To date and as expected neither Bennett or Masters have contacted the Steve Wilkos show even though the direct numbers of the investigators has been provided. Pam or Bri at 203-564-5227 or Molly Riddles at that number or Ms. Riddles at her email address:
NOVEMBER 15, 2013


Renowned Judge and Mediator appointed!!!

Not only will there be review of ( abuse) claims, but of the flagrant publishing of settlement information by Mr. Bennett–violating the very court Orders he tried to hide behind– and compromising the integrity of the Mt. Cashel settlement.

( Note: I was asked just yesterday why Mr. Bennett’s claim of abuse would come under scrutiny as he seems so believable for so long. First of all it simply didn’t happen to him. Remember this is a person who moved an aircraft carrier about 17,000 miles in two days–according to him. (see Viet Nam fable below). And this is a person who creates events that are totally impossible, and preposterous. Mt. Cashel lie? Just another day at the office for Mr. Bennett).
(i) Authorizing and Approving the Employment of William L. Bettinelli as Abuse Claims Reviewer and
(ii) Approving Procedures for Preliminary
Review of Abuse Claims…..

“…[his] employment by the Committee is necessary…”
By Ana M. Alaya
The Star-Ledger [Newark, New Jersey]
August 25, 2000

…Dressed in a dark suit and white collar, the religious order’s standard garb, Ford stood before at least six former Mount Cashel orphans, their families and Hartery in a St. John’s courthouse, saying he “prayed for Edgar every day” since he became aware of the allegations, Budden said.

( Absent Mr. Bennett. Why?)

After spending several hours with interviewers from a national television show, the following is very important:

Mr. Bennett’s Criminal record and Civil Actions against him by his victims:

Mr. Bennett arrested for Domestic Violence. Ordered to Anger Management at Canton Veterans Administration where he entered Viet Nam service history on his medical record knowing such to be completely false. VA now investigating this. Even though reduced to disorderly conduct, this was/is a domestic assault on his then wife

Mr. Bennett sentenced to 180 days in jail, victim pursuing civil action:

Arrested for violation of Domestic Violence No Contact Order:


1. Manages to bilk his mother’s estate of $45,000.00 and as a result adds an additional $30,000.00 in Attorney’s fees that the beneficiaries would have received; ( Still another $50,000.00 awaiting an accounting)
2. Using false and misleading statements manages to get his stepfather removed from his resting place in Mt. Tahoma Washington –where he wanted to be laid to rest– to an obscure grave in Rittman, Ohio; Veteran’s Administration reviewing this possible Federal Offense;

3. Still attempting to defraud the true victim’s of abuse at Mt. Cashel Orphanage by claiming he was abused while there;

4. Faked Viet Nam and “Gitmo” service by wearing and displaying medals and awards he never earned;

5. False claims of “alumni” from Auburn University in Alabama even though he never lived in Alabama and online access to college was not even invented when Mr. Bennett clams to be alumni;

6. held himself out as an Attorney in a claim for benefits made by his mother while she worked at Brown & Hailey in Tacoma Washington ( records ordered from archives at the State of Washington and B&H )…

Excerpt from Motion at Court Docket:

Case #’s 211757; 211753, 213191 of Stark County, Ohio, Probate:

‘…Edgar M. Moore, Jr. believes that this settlement is in the best interests of all beneficiaries, disposes of all pending claims against the estate, is fair to all beneficiaries, and maximizes beneficiaries’ chances of inheriting from Ms. Swanson’s estate while removing the risks and costs of protracted litigation.’ (referring to Mr. Bennett’s extortion)

(Here is where Mr. Bennett threatened to wipe out the Estate to legal fee’s caring only for his illicit gain at the expense of the real beneficiaries. Just yesterday when speaking with a Trustee attorney for Mt. Cashel matter, we find that Mr. Bennett might believe–as he did in his mother’s estate– it would be far less expensive to simply give him his “portion of the settlement” rather than go to the expense of debunking him. WRONG!! Not this time.
The Saratoga Story according to Mr. Bennett:

Below is Robert Bennett’s version that he uses to support wearing Viet Nam Campaign Ribbons ( AND BATTLE STAR). It is so preposterous that it is hard to read without getting ill. The following is exactly as he wrote it:

“….In 1967 the U.S.S. Saratoga and U.S.S. America Battle Groups were stationed off Lebanon during the Six Day Egypt/Israel War and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israeli forces thinking it was an enemy ship. During that deployment the U.S.S. Forrestal while on station at Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin had a mayor explosion on her rear flight deck by a runaway rocket that hit the plane of John McCain and set the entire rear deck ablaze. The U.S.S. Saratoga Battle Group was ordered to separate form the America Battle Group and precede to the aid of the Forrestal with we did and was used as protection to bring her back through the Suez Canal into the Med so she could safely return to the US for repairs. All Naval Carrier groups operated out of Yankee Station in the GULF OF TONKIN, which is and always was the gulf’s name and not just in 1972 . The United States Navy sent me paper work stating that– I earned those medals for entering the battle zone and coming to the aid of the Forrestal –which by the way was our sister ship. She was CVA-59 and we were CVA_60 and when both had been retired were even moored together in Rhode Island.”
( notice above ..”I earned those medals for entering the battle zone and coming to the aid of the Forrestal ” points to Mr. Bennett’s need to be recognized as if “HE” came to the aid of the Forrestal instead of “WE” came to the aid….yet it is so preposterous that his megalomania really doesn’t matter).
FACT: That whole trip would be around 17,000 miles.

FACT: ..the Forrestal was escorted by USS Henry W. Tucker to rendezvous with hospital ship USS Repose allowing the crew to begin transferring the dead and wounded.

FACT: within two days of the fire she was back in Cubi point, Philippines for repairs.

( Vets from the Saratoga states that Mr. Robert (BOB)Bennett has falsified more Saratoga Service. Mr. Bennett claims to have been on the Saratoga at “GITMO” among other service. Mr. Bennett seems to have been the only sailor from the Saratoga 1965-1968 at Guantanamo Bay “GITMO”” (Mr. Bennett was NOT in the Navy when the Saratoga was at Guantanamo ).

“…[S}he’s retired now (1994) and sits in Rhode Island ready to be scrapped but her history and soul will live on—My time with her—Gitmo-Two Med cruises, Egypt/Israel War, Lebanon Conflict, U.S.S. Liberty, Vietnam–U.S.S. Forrestal CVA-59 Flight Deck Explosion (John McCain). One proud Sara and my daughter’s name is Sara…..”

Stolen Valor – Kudos to our Team‎
“…I am disturbed when I see someone misrepresent their military service, … I’m saddened that there are so many out there that make these false claims. … and I feel it is important to “smoke out” the phonies.

Please read the following:

Now that the Saratoga reunion is over and things are being “made right” and that Mr. Bennett is exposed as a Viet Nam medal recipient fraud, the issues still remain about Mr. Bennett’s attempted FRAUD on the the real Mt. Cashel victims. Sadly, There are frauds and lies, crimes and distortions that are and should be punished. BUT a crime against the soldiers and service men and woman that Mr. Bennett fabricated won’t go punished as there is no punishment–yet– for a person who commits the horrendous deception of fabricating service to our country WHEN NOT NECESSARY. Mr. Bennett did serve in the Navy but wearing next to ones heart awards and decorations not earned and so many died for and will never wear is a crime against them and the branch they represent. This is not a case of one “pumping”. This is as flagrant as the fraud perpetrated on the Mt. Cashel matter.

Mr. Bennett adds:

“..With all this said I will not remove anything–referring to his version above– that I have posted on this site because it is all fact and my attorney’s have the original documents. (Supposedly supporting his Viet Nam service).

..Again, as in the fraud Mr. Bennett attempt’s to commit in the Mt. Cashel matter, the acts against his own mother and her grandchildren–his own children– AND the Viet Nam matter combined points to only Mr. Bennett. What any other did or will do in life will not change what he did. He has been living the Viet Nam lie for so many years that he began to believe it. As he might in the Mt. Cashel abuse allegation. Why nobody called him on it goes to his art of lifelong deception. What is now believable, based upon the Viet Nam fabrication, the extortion on his own mother’s estate, etc, he could easily fabricate the rest of his stories and especially the Mt. Cashel lie.
1. the complete fabrication of being abused in Mt. Cashel Orphanage; using a distorted twisting of events as he used to create the ‘Nam distortion/lie;

2. Taking the $45,000.00 from his mother’s estate and using the reasoning he used in the “Nam” lie.
3. Moving his stepfather from his desired resting place and then fabricating service on Mr. Swanson’s headstone (as he fabricated his own Viet Nam service)
( “My Dad served in WW11”)
4. Moved his Alzheimer stricken mother to Ohio from her home of almost 45 years yet claims she was capable of making decisions that would give him $2000,000.00 and nothing to any grandchild?
5. Auburn University Alumni
6. His belief that his “Promise” to keep them together–his mother and stepfather– is nothing more that the same reasoning he used to create the ‘Nam lie.
More to come:

Richard Wayne Bennett 503-481-6331

United States Marine Corp 1964-1968
Viet Nam Veteran and former resident of Mt. Cashel Orphanage.

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